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Deluxe Nile

Launching this spring, the MS Darakum is one of the most luxurious vessels on the Nile River. With 44 cabins, 4 spacious suites and excellent facilities on board this is the ideal way to explore the Nile. Nile cruise highlights: Visit the West Bank and the famous Valley of the Kings and Queens. Explore the beautiful and ancient sights of Aswan. View the Edfu and Dendera temples as well as those of Luxor and Karnak.

Standard Nile

Standard 5 Star: Luxury, comfort, personal attention in a laid back atmosphere. You might see people at meals wearing t-shirts and shorts. Age ranges from children (with families) to senior citizens. Triple cabins allowed. While cabins vary in size from boat to boat, all cabins have private baths with showers, individually controlled air-conditioning, television/radio. All cabins are outside, Nile view. If these ships were compared to hotels they would be of the Microtel or Motel 6 venue.

Luxury Nile

The Nile, longest river in the world, located in northeastern Africa. From its principal source, Lake Victoria, in east central Africa, the Nile flows north through Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea, a distance of 5584 km (3470 mi). From its remotest headstream in Burundi, the river is 6,695 km (4,160 mi) long. The river basin covers an area of more than 3,349,000 sq km (more than 1,293,000 sq mi). In pre-historic times, primeval forests covered the river banks when the river nile was a vast swamp composed of rushes, papyrus, and weeds. However, due to thousands of years of human intervention, the Nile throughout Egypt flows peacefully through green fields, looking much like a rich, well cultivated European plain.

Nile Steamer

Outside, the lower sun terrace provides a shaded area with elegant tables and chairs as well as deck bar service. The upper deck has sun loungers, a Jacuzzi pool and is home for the ship's steam funnel with original ship's steam whistle. The reception area has colorful stained glass windows through to the restaurant and the reception provides full services including safe deposit boxes and international telephone.

Dahabiya Riverboats

Visiting Egypt is a dream for many people on earth planet, Holidays at Egypt river is the most impressive Magical Holiday you can ever have, spcially if you planning to spend your holidays on the surface of Egypt your are at the right place to book your holidays at the most beautiful River at the world.

Felucca Sailing

Felucca's are simple, traditional Egyptian sailboats, that have plied the mighty Nile since ancient times. Our feluccas are proudly owned and crewed by friendly local sailors and they have been adapted to comfortably carry our travelers. Being a wind-powered craft with no motor, felucca's are dependent upon the wind to propel them forth. The itinerary is not rigidly defined, for this reason. However, during our cruise, we make plenty of stops to visit points of interest, areas for swimming and for the purpose of performing our ablutions. The felucca sails during the day, taking in the colourful sights of the Nile village life en-route with various stops, planned or impromptu. The peaceful routine of life aboard allows us to escape the stress of everyday life! Prior to sundown, the anchor is dropped and we moor at the riverside for the night. Nothing beats the experience of sleeping under a blanket of stars!

Lake Nasser

Since Egypt's Prehistoric times the Nile River valley provided the only route from the Mediterranean world to interior Africa, with Nubia as the point of contact between the two, a highway for diverse cultures and political powers during thousands of years. However, it is recent history that provides two of the greatest feats known to man. One the building of the immense dam at Aswan and the other the engineering marvel of saving the various antiquity sites that lined the old river shores. The Egyptian dam took 30,000 men working around the clock for ten years to complete. The reservoir that was created now stretches some 300 miles from the dam all the way into the Sudan. Varying in widths it averages about 6 miles across. Dotted with hundreds of islands and abundant wildlife it features scenery combining natural beauty with incredible history. Cruising aboard luxurous ships, designed with a hint of history yet featuring the most modern convenie

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